Saturday, November 13, 2010

We Were Lucky Cause Eva Mendes Is Teaching Us

Don't you get too excited dudes..I'm just gonna tell you a story that 'Eva Mendes' told me..So,clear up your ears right now..This situation is happened in my class.
Friday..yes,it was friday when she told me the story..other classmates were busy with their own works..some of them were surfing internet with their  1Malaysia Netbook..just some bunch of my mates were in front of this Eva Mendes..actually,our teacher is our Eva Mendes..the story goes like this,while we were chatting + crapping..suddenly,this teacher told us the story..

teacher:you guys wanna hear a true story?im not trolling you guys..
we:yeah,do tell us some good story..
teacher:okay,you know what..last few month i was at form 3 class..while i was passing the notes..a boy told me that i look a like a 'Ghost Rider Heroin'..i was never thought that the heroin is Eva Mendes..
teacher:so i text few of my friends and asking them who is ghost rider heroin..luckily,one reply..she said Eva Mendes is the heroin..i was like freak out and was happy..i know that i'm way more gorgeous than Eva Mendes..
Alia:better i run before i get more jealousy..
ciKeju:teacher!they were cheating you..HAHA
teacher:kids never cheating..don't tell me you are jealous of me..HAHA..please do trust me..
ciKeju:im pretty sure they just told you a cock and bull story teacher..HAHA

the crapping conversation is continuing..'Eva Mendes' wins the talk..we were like "nevermindlah,at least Eva Mendes is in our class"HAHA

so,i'm bringing you the malay 'Eva Mendes' to you guys..Eva Mendes is in the middle..

im just edit a little so that the story goes way more cool!HAHA

*kids,don't google Eva Mendes..there were a tons of Eva Mendes nude pictures!HAHA


asSauri said...

haha,pasnie teacher akn glamour...haha

hans said...

so funny
but u're very lucky coz ada teacher like her

P/S : Nak Buat Panggilan Hangit? Jangan Sampai Aku Hangitkan Kau Pula!

ked :) said...

erk? sebijik gak ah muke cikgu cikeju ngan eva..