Saturday, November 6, 2010

F.R.I.E.N.D.S [Last Episode]

at last,we are here for the last episode of this epic movie..haha..lets just continue this last part..

i'm rarely talk with her..but i can see that she is happy in her own world. :))

this girl is about the same with fizah..sometimes i'll talk with her..hehe

yeah..she is cute rabbit!hehe..this fun & joy girl may looks more cute when she is talking..haha

i can see that this girl is stronger..i mean,she is stronger through emotional..maybe..she quite good sometime..

lately this girl really want to mess up with me..her "weh" skills does not effect on me..haha..& now her new name is cicak tokek..its suite her's..

her ability is same with fizi..she good in drawing..she is a silent person with guys especially..

not everybody can hold with his temper..his mood can drastically turns to hulk in just a watch your words when do the talking..

for god sake,these are only my classmates..all together is 31 including me..this is the last year for us meet to in the class..for the next years,we are no longer in the same class,same college or same house..these memories will be in our mind..there are no replay button for you to changes your don't regret eventhough it was a silly mistake..

after this,all of our journey are totally different..the real world is,do face it yourself..btw,,don't forget to say hi whenever you guys see me outside..don't worry,i won't bite unless your're cheese!

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