Thursday, November 4, 2010

F.R.I.E.N.D.S [episode 3]

sorry for the late update mate!busy flying around lately..haha..okay,lets continue shall we?

now we are talking about jojo the circus..aha!zappp!dota was cross my mind when writing about jojo..dota is synonym with him as he is craving for dota..haha..for those who don't know what is dota..hear it rite now dota=Dunia Orang Tanpa Awek..LOL!hahaha

sapuan bobo:
he is rempit..dont play with him or you will regret your life..hahaa..jk!jk!..when riding,he is lightning..can go about 300km/h on believe it..he don't scare speed trap..haha

this moment maybe he has found his soulmate~woot woot!haha..hatim is a kind of boy who love to make jokes..but the sad thing is,nobody understand his jokes..haha..nevermind mate!keep ur jokes up!i will suppork u!haha

his hands is a miracle hand when doing engineering drawing..just give him what kind of shape,and he will do it up and down!its mean he will do it with passionate..haha..dont forget to draw a metropolitan city when you is working as architect soon!haha

muna is photoholic person..perhaps..haha..she kind of sweet sometimes..its depend on her mood..cheer!

murni is muna partner..they always together..this tiny girl sometime too big to handle..haha

i know this girl since 2006..but that time she totally different..she was very quiet that time..whoever that hears her voice was 'chosen'..haha..she dont talk in class..not even a word..time by time,she starts to talk..and this year i am lucky to hear her voice sometime..maybe she is malu-malu kucing..hehe,btw,its hard to find your pic in social network..she is on the left..

i can see that she is hardworking..never talk to her before and this year i do the talking..haha..sorry for what soever..

*my mood is swing while writing this..sorry guys..

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