Monday, November 1, 2010

F.R.I.E.N.D.S [episode 2]

okay..lets continue our story..i will move to the second row..

i only know this boy last year..maybe around a month and then i,this year im just pretend like an old friend to him..haha..barely to chit-chat..btw,he can supply nasi lemak if you want..terbaik di bentong!

independent..yes,from my eyes,he is very independent boy..working hard on everything..i think one day he will invent a gadget that surely will be demand..

yaa..this cute little fellas is one of the most handsome boy in my class..thats just what others doubt it..haha..he so kind and always treat me while ilove him! syahir,please do not cry while reading this post..

back to 2008,this boy was very good boy..not to say to nerdy,but just nice..haha..but today,he is acting wild & sometime too girly..i will make you understand..okay,,i dont know if he is bisexual or what..maybe he has split personality..when hangout with boys,he turns wild & dangerous..but when with girls,where the hell is your wild??hahaha

this boy is just like A.Samad.Said..haha..he's good in bahasa malaysia..maybe will turns to sasterawan one day..just prepare yourself before answer his questionsss...

silent..yaa,maybe the silent person among her friends..&& she had met her prince charming..hope will be forever!

she very active in sports..such as long jump and running..athlete maybe..hehe..cant predict her mood..

her voice may be the loudestt in the class..she nice..&& she starts to wear contact lens..haha..the first day she wear it,she just give an excuse "lupa nak bawak spek lahh"..hahahaha

sometime turns to boy character..haha..& im suspicious about you and leave a comment for explain it..haha..i will pray for both of you lahh!

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Muhammad said...

cikeju really lovr sweet!!!