Saturday, October 16, 2010

Super Marshmallow!

hello guys!kinda busy this month..maybe the ultimate busy ever this year..haha..spm just around the corner..keep revising books and revising myself..well,thats just a normal student acting last minute..i think since our superior seniors,study last minute was so famous among them..maybe nowadays kids like me just acting the same..ahhh!crap!im not going to write about this..haha..lets talk about food guys!to be more details,lets talk bout marshmallow..ahh..i know just now you all just melt when hearing that marshmallow words..
sweet rite?just imagine when it is in your mouth..ahhh!damn nice!okay,actually im just wanna telling that soon im gonna selling this marshmallow..what?are you serious ciKeju??yes indeed!for starting,im just selling it around my friends..and if it is okay,im gonna try to sell it over support me yaww! eh!eh!is this marshmallow HALAL?please dont worry about it status..i know its been spread that most marshmallow are NON-HALAL..some marshmallow are contains with pig beware..but,im brought to you this HALAL marshmallow with JAKIM dont and prices i will tell you in another post okay..
maybe while i am running this bussiness,some jerks cant see other people bussiness expanding..hey you jerks wannabe!listen hear..i find my own way to earns not stealing or robbing,dont troll my bussiness okay..

*please control your temptation to chew my marshmallow!


z said...

tak suka marshmoloo..errkk.

ken said...

i love marshmallow :)