Friday, October 8, 2010

PMR Candidates

special entry just for the PMR candidates..yaa,i know right now all these fellas are counting for their "merdeka"..please control all your emotion and listen to my story kids..dont get too excited counting your days..
back to the years batch was very excited to take pmr as we were all "RK Classes"..i dont think so cause that RK shit was so famous among others school in Bentong..the principal always mumbling bout the RK.."awak semua kena ingat,awak nie pelajar RK"..i just dont get it what the purpose of created that shit..we did not get any special facilities nor an aircond in each classes..we were just the same as other,do tell me what it is?plus,some teachers are just too excited to "dimerit" friend just forgot to bring some text book to school and the teacher give him "dimerit"..for god sake,he just forgot to bring it..not spread your 3gp clips to whole school..maybe they were thinking that more "dimerit" will lead them to be the boss...
few months later,the pmr just around the corner..some said that it is very important..somesaid friends and i were all talking about after pmr..some are getting excited to take science streams..there are some killer subject in that streams..for example;additional mathematics..the subject was very well-known among just asking some seniors about it so hard as dick?they were just answered,"gagal itu biasa"..ouh damn,even some chi**** students were failed for the first examination..this scene was so horrible like shit..and i start thinking that did peoples used additional mathematics in their life?did they calculate money using some formula?did they??why just learn it if you just dont used it?this thing just make your brain freeze to the death..
and that "merdeka" thing was just doesnt meant that your school life is already to the end..some stupido kids are always saying like this.."lepas pmr apa lagi,bakar lah buku semua"&&"jom lah conteng baju sekolah dengan signature",just remember that you has at least two years more to finish your school life..eventhough it is great or suck school,you gonna be in there for two years..dont do the silly things just to get some school are just whoring yourself..while you are playing truant after pmr,other r***s are struggling to study the form 4 sillybus..and you were drowning in your "merdeka"..
《My boss my hero》《My boss my hero》
this scene is just my regret experienced,time will never turns back..please jot down some important notes from this entry for your nerdy the way,do ask from your seniors about their school uniform..maybe you will need it for your new school sessions..hahaha..and i will keep mine for my memories..dont bid for my school uniform for higher prices..i wont sell it..haha..keep in mind,do not hesitate to ask your seniors!maybe they will do bundle school uniform special for you..yes you,the pmr candidates..haha

*dont forget to buy bata and throw away..


nurezzat said...

suke sgtt citer nih.. hehe..

syahida said...

kau yg tulis ke?

ciKeju said...

ko engat aku tak reti tulis bi ker??

syahida said...

hek ko. haha.
bkn tu mksd aku.
x penah2 tulis "shit" sume tuh.

ciKeju said...