Sunday, October 31, 2010

F.R.I.E.N.D.S [episode 1]

in 2/3 weeks time,school gonna be over..yaa..this year, time was fast as flash!didnt really know why its was faster than ever..but its okayy..dont want to talk about time..just wanna talk bout friends..this year im a freshman in 5Cyber today,it is nearly a year i have been know my classmates..they are awesome!lets find out why they are awesome! starting with hafizi rows..
this guy i had met him on 2008..he was in my class that year..still silent and freakin..maybe he is silent killer person..he so fuckin good in sketching & drawing..just give him a cartoon and he will draw it..nice job dude!keep it up!

he is not social doesnt have his photo..
ermm..this person may be dangerous to our world..his opinion may caused trouble on earth..just 'some' peoples who willing to hear his creepy idea..i cant read his style and writing..hehe..i dont know if he is a pervert cause he always make girls goes crazyy..

aliah sembang:
okayy..since 2006 i had saw this speaky girl walk alone back her grandma's house..that time,she was so snobbish cause didnt bother me at the road side..but,this year..i already know her and sembang is a suit name for her..haha

i rarely talk to her..maybe once every 1000 years..haha..she is a good girl..cant describe her more cause only know little bout her..

attention..this girl voice may blow your ears!haha..dont know what amplifier she used..her voice was so sharp but nice!and i think,she may be the only girl who love to bring new words to class..such a "metaaa" , "kott"..sometimes,this small girl act as a ultra happy mood..cant really predict her characters..

nice..that word just perfect for her..eventhough her voice sometime like a guy(hahahha) but she really a super duper person..if im not mistaken,she had been 'bendahari kelas' since 3-4 years ago..and she good at collecting money..hehe..thats is her job..can be a good accountant one day..huhu

*will continue others row in the next post..btw,im stealing yours picture from fb account.. =)


sue@p.l.e.i.a.d.e.s said...


AyanaAsham said...

weeeeeee, ramai girl pd boy ni.....

ciKeju said...

memang kelas ramai gegirl

ah ian.. said...

mane dak laen...

ciKeju said...

sabar lahh macha..nie baru episode 1..

Muhammad said...

cantekk speaking!!!..xD