Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Moon

its was an awesomewonderfully day!haha..i met this ngokngek girl yesterdayy..&& we wearing polka dot!haha..we heading to KL n it was a long Times Square,just go get the new moon tickets!OMG gonna watch with her!heeeee..really exciting you know..then,,we go eating..the best part is we dont know wanna eat wt..haha..just go to the secret recipe..shhh!!it supposed to be secret rite?haha..deliciouss food & deliciouss price..haha..thx for treat me my dior..& sweet rite kite?haha..



then,,watch the new moon..ouh!best!tarbaek!buttttt,,somebody kaco lahh..heeee..its okayy taw.."its still my birthday..kiss me please.."haha..just a scene from the movie..however i enjoy date with you my dear..& we continue our date at kfc rite?haha..HI-5 sikit dear!heee..sweet lah dior..its gonna be our memories.. :DD


*hati dye berkate:errr!mingun betoi budak yang tgkp2 pics nieh..kiki


.miss hajar. said...

smlm ke ni ??

ahha,sme r,bru tgok newmoon smlm,bestttt !!!!!!!!!!!

sweeettttt nk mmposs ! ahha .

tringin nk jd bella, ;DD

Gula gula Ash said...

heh - buad kali kedue yee new moon tu.

ciKeju said...


$Y@}{!D@ said...

wahh romantik gitu.

ciKeju said...

terima kasihh